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Triple Threat Dance & Theatre Company is dedicated to providing excellent, experienced, professional dance instruction to students ages 2 through adult and beginning through ongoing professional. We have the appropriate classes to meet your personal interests and goals. We will accommodate those who want to learn to dance for recreational purposes only as well as the more serious-minded students who wish to enter the world of competitive dance or are looking at dance as a career goal. We offer a wide variety of classes, workshops, and performance opportunities for every type of student. The staff of Triple Threat Dance & Theatre Company offer a warm, friendly, and inspiring environment in which students and instructors will work together to achieve his or her own personal best potential.
These are classes designed for students who want to be introduced to the world of dance, dance because they love to dance, and/or stay fit. These classes will move at a pace that is comfortable to suit the needs of each individual class, with the goal of creating a comfortable, fun, productive learning environment. Recreational dance classes run from September through June and each class will perform a dance number in the year-end production in June.

Teaching Staff Certified by various professional organizations:
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